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JeTiHyo in J&K episode 10 

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Love these.


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this is the best video I’ve ever watched, and I don’t feel like she’s just saying this for followers like a lot of people do.

wow, can i marry her.

I like her

I think I’m in love with her.

this is amazing.

i think i love you

she made me cry. she made my day actually♥ i needed to hear all this.

 Wow. Why arent you in my life?

I just slightly teared up a bit.


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  • More from Lee Teuk's kiss the radio that the boys are on.
  • LeeTeuk: Between Sulli and SeoHyun, choose one of them to be your little sister.
  • Yong: Who and who?
  • LeeTeuk: Between Sulli and SeoHyun, who would you choose to be your little sister?
  • Yong: Little sister? Of course it's Sulli!
  • LeeTeuk: Ahhh, if Sulli is the little sister, what is Seohyun?
  • Yong: Seohyun is, we got married already! hahahhaha!
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